PP&H Functions

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Physical Planning & Housing Department

Previously the Department was part of Communication and Works Secretariat. Later on, a separate Secretariat of Physical Planning & Housing was established vide Notification No. Admin/A-1(6)/Gazeted-I/2007 dated 02-05-2007, comprising of two zones namely NORTH & SOUTH  headed by:

Chief Engineer (North)

  • 03 Circles
  • 11 Divisions
  • Districts (Neelum, Muzaffarabad, Hattian, Bagh, Haveli, Poonch & Sudhanoti)

Housing/PHE Department:

(a)   Planning, designing, construction, equipment, maintenance and repairs of all Government buildings,   residential and non-residential including rest houses,   Government Guest House and Circuit Houses.

(b)  Evaluation, Fixation of Rent, Control, Management,   Leases and Sale of Government buildings.

(c)  Water Supply and Sanitary Works pertaining to Government building and Government Estates.

  • Execution of work on behalf of other Agencies/ Department as Deposit works.
  • Engineers training.
  • The furnishing of residences of President, Prime Minister, Ministers, Advisers including camp offices, rest houses.
  • Pre-qualification and endorsement of contractors and regulation of their conduct.
  • Agreements and Contracts.
  • Physical Planning, regional planning and urban planning.
  • Preparation of Master-plans, outline Development Schemes and Town Improvement Scheme.
  • Matters relating to Public Health Engineering Department including its Establishment, Assessment of Water Rates.